GlowStrike® Glow in the Dark Bite Indicator

On a pitch-black night, it’s virtually impossible to see even an inch in front of your face, let alone keep track of what your line is doing. If you have multiple fishing lines to monitor, this task can prove to be almost impossible without some kind of visual assistance. Top-of-the-line bite indicators can be expensive, especially if you have multiple fishing rods. If you’re a night fisherman on a budget, adding such a pricy item to your tackle box may be challenging, at best—let alone being able to afford such a product for multiple fishing poles.

The GlowStrike® bite indicator is a simple and effective solution costing pennies on the dollar compared to more expensive bite indicators. It is composed of a high visibility glow material which is easy to see, even in the worst weather conditions. Unlike many other glow stick solutions, the GlowStrike® bite indicator is small and compact and can be a permanent addition to your fishing pole, saving you the time and frustration of changing glow sticks every time you go out on the water.

Unlike other night fishing lights on the market, the GlowStrike® bite indicator does not require batteries or refills, which is good for your budget and the environment, too! Speaking of the environment, many other products on the market have a refillable liquid core, and this liquid can all too easily leak into tackle boxes, lakes, and rivers, polluting your gear and local ecosystem. The GlowStrike® bite indicator is constructed of a solid, environmentally friendly material, which eliminates the need for messy, inconvenient, and stain causing refills.

The creators of GlowStrike® bite indicators know that night fishing should be a pleasure, not a chore. You just want to grab your fishing equipment and your bait and go—the last thing you want to think about is replacing your disposable bite indicators or refilling your reusable night fishing lights. Simply shine your flashlight on your GlowStrike® bite indicators for a few short moments and presto! You’re ready for some serious night fishing action. Since our product is reusable and inexpensive, you can easily afford an effective bite indicator for every fishing pole in your arsenal!

Enjoy your night fishing expedition to the fullest, whenever the mood strikes—with GlowStrike®!

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