Glowing Night Fishing Bite Indicator

Kreabaur Tackle Welcome to, your source for quality night fishing bite indicators on a budget! Built from a durable, high-visibility material, the GlowStrike® bite indicator never requires messy refills, and can be reused over and over again. Simply shine a flashlight on the GlowStrike® for a few moments and the night fishing light is recharged and ready to go!

The GlowStrike® features a non-bulky construction, allowing you to keep it attached to your fishing pole as long as you want—and it’s so inexpensive that you can afford one for every fishing pole!

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Every fisherman knows that fishing is not only about going after that prized fish, it’s also about spending quality time in the enjoyment of nature’s beauty. You love your fishing haunts and wouldn’t dream of polluting them.

What many fishermen don’t realize is that when some anglers use a refillable glowstick bite indicator, that’s exactly what they’re doing — the refills are used and tossed on the ground polluting the surrounding waters, littering the local ecosystem.

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